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  • 100 % Casein
  • Without aromas
  • To preserve & build muscles

Sufficient supply with protein is one of the most important conditions for successful strength training. During training, the body need proteins for the supply of energy; after training, the proteins are used as the most important building blocks in the growth of new muscle mass. But protein is not just involved in the growth of new muscles, it also plays a role in the preservation of already existing structures. MySupps 100 % Natural Casein offers proteins in a high concentration, which additionally supply the body with amino acids for a particularly prolonged period.

MySupps 100 % Natural Casein offers a high ratio of BCAAs, the amino acids that are of relevance for the protein metabolism. The special feature of the product is the creation of gel-like structures in the stomach, hence ensuring that the amino acids are released into the blood in a slow but steady stream. The body can be supplied with amino acids for up to eight hours in this way. This helps strength athletes prevent any deficiencies in the supply of amino acids during longer competitions or demanding training sessions. Additionally, the drink has a particularly high satiety effect.

In each 100 g, the product MySupps 100 % Natural Casein contains 89.1 g of protein, of which BCAAs account for 18.1 g. Further, the dietary supplement only contains 0.2 g of carbohydrate and 1.2 g of fat, meaning that the drink can also be taken without any concerns during diet phases. Dietary supplements such as this help strength athletes cover their daily requirements in amino acids and other important nutrients.

It is recommended to take the product as a pre-workout or post-workout shake. To make a shake, mix 20-30g of the powder into 200-300 ml of liquid with a high carbohydrate ratio (e.g. fruit juice) or skimmed milk, and take both before and after intense exertion.

What products can I combine sensibly with MySupps 100 % Natural Casein?
  1. With My Supps Flavouring System aromas for different kinds of delicious protein shakes.
  2. In combination with the BODY ATTACK Magnesium plus Calcium, a mineral supplement that can help to maintain normal muscle function.

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  • 100% ultra-filtered whey protein + whey protein hydrolyzate
  • Lipo 100 - extremely high-dose formula
  • combined savings pact for muscle building - Made in Germany
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  • Increases calorie intake
  • Perfect for Hardgainer
  • With free Shaker
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  • High protein and glutamine content
  • Rich in BCAA
  • Low fat - low carbohydrates
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  • High protein and glutamine content
  • Rich in BCAA
  • Low fat - low carbohydrates

BODY ATTACK 100% Casein Protein
The BODY ATTACK 100% Casein Protein is different from other milk protein supplements on the sports market: Through this milk protein mixture, a protein content of 90% can be achieved. Thus, the casein protein is ideal to maintain muscle mass and build up new muscles.

Moreover, the BODY ATTACK 100% Casein Protein (30 g powder per serving) contains less than 1 g lactose, and less than 0.5 g fat. This makes it ideal for people who prefer a low-carb or low-fat diet. BODY ATTACK Casein Protein is also suitable for people who are affected by mild or moderate lactose intolerance.

BODY ATTACK 100% Casein Protein powder is not only well soluble in liquid, but also impresses with its creamy taste. Therefore, it can also be cooked in water with reduced calorie intake instead of skimmed milk.

What are the other substances still active in the BODY ATTACK 100% Casein Protein?

The BODY ATTACK 100% Casein Protein contains a BCAA content of about 17 g per 100 g of powder and is rich in amino acids. Moreover, the casein proteins are rich in calcium, which plays an important role in muscle function and also provides for a normal function of the digestive enzymes. Calcium is also actively involved in energy metabolism of the nutrients. The BCAA, and the L-Glutamine contained serve as essential building blocks for the body to synthesise body tissue, hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters. Since the amino acids are the building blocks of the endogenous proteins, these amino acids are also involved in build-up and maintenance of muscle mass.

Which products can the 100% Casein Protein be combined with best?

  • With the BODY ATTACK Omega-3 capsules, essential fatty acids, which can contribute to the normal heart function.
  • With the BODY ATTACK Clarinol CLA capsules, polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels through the diet.
  • With the BODY ATTACK Daily Vital capsules and tablets to ensure all the necessary essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are supplied through the diet.

BODY ATTACK Extreme Whey Deluxe
Do you want to take it to the limit to support your muscles in training? Or are you looking to stop your muscle mass from wasting away in periods of rest? Then give your body a genuine deluxe protein: BODY ATTACK Extreme Whey Deluxe.

Improved tirelessly, Extreme Whey Deluxe has ranked among the BODY ATTACK best sellers for years. Its ideal protein composition and delicious flavour certainly contribute to its immense popularity. It tastes deliciously of milkshake and not just of pure protein isolate. L-Glutamine and selected vitamins were also added to the protein mix. It is ideally suited for power lifters and endurance athletes who demand a lot of their energy and protein metabolisms.

Product highlights:
  • With high-quality CFM whey isolate
  • 5-whey protein complex
  • Ultra-filtered and ion-exchanged whey protein isolate
  • Micro-filtered and ultra-filtered whey protein isolate
  • Whey hydrolysate
  • 8800 mg BCAA per shake (50 g powder in 250 ml water)
  • >9000 mg L-Glutamine*
  • 42 g protein*
  • Low-carb and low-fat
  • With essential B vitamins
  • Created to build and preserve muscle
  • Aspartame-free
  • Contains the anti-oxidants ascorbic acid and vitamin E
  • With a delicious milkshake taste

BODY ATTACK Extreme Whey Deluxe gives your muscles rapidly available proteins that your body can use to preserve muscle mass. After all, long and hard training sessions to build muscle mass coupled with a low-protein diet, for instance during a diet phase, can quickly exhaust your muscle protein reserves. As a result, some of your hard-earned muscle mass may soon waste away. And that is precisely what you need to protect against.

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  • Ideal for taking before training
  • With citrulline malate & arginine
  • Optimal zur Supplementierung in Diatphasen
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  • Pre-workout booster
  • High in L-citrulline - L-arginine and beta-alanine
  • With lots of vitamins
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  • 1500 mg L-carnitine per capsule
  • in the popular Mega Caps®
  • dosed for athletes with high demands
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  • Up to 6.000 mg BCAA per serving
  • excellent formula
  • pure BCAA amino acids
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  • Contains up to 6000 mg BCAA per serving
  • valuable BCAA amino acids
  • excellent formulation
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  • With free L-arginine
  • practical to take away
  • take before training
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  • Essential free amino acids
  • supports regeneration
  • contains BCAAs
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  • Ideal for strength athletes & bodybuilders
  • Contains all essential amino acids
  • Practical as tablets
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  • 7500 mg AAKG per ampoule
  • easy to use
  • ready to eat
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  • High quality AAKG
  • 1250 mg arginine alpha-ketoglutarate per capsule
  • in the popular mega caps
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  • 500mg BCAAs per serving
  • high quality
  • suitable for all athletes
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  • 14 aktive Wirkstoffe (Vitamine / Aminosauren / Koffein)
  • 150 mg Koffein pro Tagesportion (2 Kapseln)
  • Optimal fur aktive Lebensweisee die viel Fokussierung benotigen
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  • Free amino acids
  • high in BCAA
  • 10 calories
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  • Training booster with pump effect
  • With Creatine
  • High quality plant extracts
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  • Liquid amino acids
  • With BCAA
  • Plus vitamin B6

When people speak of amino acids in relation to dietary supplements, the terms non-proteinogenic or proteinogenic amino acids are used.

The body draws on proteinogenic amino acids in order to build up body tissue, while the non-proteinogenic amino acids are found more frequently in bodily fluids (e.g. Taurine, Beta Alanine).

20 amino acids are currently known, and they may form elements of thousands of protein compounds in the body. Eight of these compounds are essential to the body. This means that the body cannot produce them itself and is reliant on absorbing them as part of daily nutrition.

My Supps Power Amino Liquid delivers the important amino acids in a liquid form. This is intended to ensure that the body is better able to absorb and exploit the constituents.

My Supps Power Amino Liquid is a protein hydrolysate. The porcine proteins were broken down in their constituent parts, the amino acids, by enzymatic reaction. Amino acids represent the basic building blocks for proteins and hence supply the body?s protein metabolism. My Supps Power Amino Liquid can therefore serve as a natural support and dietary supplement with protein-enhanced nutrition. Sufficient protein intake of should represent the basis for anyone wishing to build muscle mass. After all, nutritional proteins contribute to the growth of muscle mass.

Worth knowing: What other substances are active in My Supps Power Amino Liquid?

This product is enriched with additional vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 plays an important role in the human body and is involved in the energy metabolism.

This vitamin can also influence functions within the protein metabolism and the exploitation of Cysteine. Cysteine is an amino acid found in human tissue such as hair, skin and the nails. It is also needed for normal cell division and blood formation.

My Supps Power Amino Liquid is available in the flavours orange and cherry.

Which products can I combine sensibly with MySupps Power Amino Liquid?
  1. In combination with BODY ATTACK Vitamin C Depot plus Zinc, because the water-soluble vitamin and the mineral contribute to normal collagen formation, protein synthesis as well as normal cartilage metabolism
  2. With BODY ATTACK Power Protein 90, to increase biological value and help build muscle mass.
  3. Together with BODY ATTACK Calcium plus Vitamin D3, because calcium is needed to maintain normal bones and vitamin D is required to preserve normal muscle function.

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  • Highly dosed and tasteless L-glutamine powder
  • ideal for endurance and strength athletes
  • in ecological kraft paper packaging - Made in Germany
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  • Highly dosed and tasteless L-glutamine powder
  • ideal for endurance and strength athletes
  • in ecological kraft paper packaging - Made in Germany
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  • Citrulline and Malate
  • Amino acid L-Citrulline
  • Ideal during high physical exertion

My Supps 100% L-Citrulline Malate is suitable for athletes placing a strain on their energy and protein metabolism due to high levels of physical exertion. This is due to the fact that in periods of exertion such as sport, ammoniac forms as a result of the break-up of muscle protein, hence leading to premature fatigue. Additionally, My Supps 100% L-Citrulline Malate is suitable for persons consuming low levels of energy while exposing their bodies to significant exertion.

Worth knowing: What is Citrulline?
The name Citrulline comes from Citrullus vulgaris = the watermelon, as high concentrations of this amino acid are found in the rind of this fruit. Citrulline is responsible for important bodily functions. For instance, it is a player in the urea cycle, which takes place mostly in the liver and kidneys. The urea cycle is an important element of the protein metabolism, as build-up and break-down processes take place there. This is where useless proteins are broken down, hence producing acidic metabolites such as ammoniac. The body must dispose of this ammoniac to ensure smooth functions of the energy and protein metabolism. After all, the enzymes asked to build up proteins and energy-rich substances such as creatine phosphate and adenosine triphosphate in the body respond very sensitively to acids.

Worth knowing: What is Malate?
Malate is an organic fruit acid, also known as ?salt of malic acid?, and is found in unripe fruit and in wine. The body also produces the organic compound in the so-called tribcarboxylic acid cycle, in which all important biochemical reactions take place and also all endogenous substances can be replenished. in this, Malate is an intermediate product and is used as a carrier substance for the processes of building up and breaking down as they progress. Seeing as the body is familiar with this substance, it can be drawn easily into its own metabolism.

It is frequently said that organic compounds can be absorbed more easily by the body than anorganic compounds that the body is unable to produce itself. In My Supps 100% L-Citrulline Malate, the Citrulline molecules are bonded with the organic compound Malate to enable the body to absorb the Citrulline more readily.

Which products can be sensibly combined with My Supps 100% L-Citrulline Malate?
  • With My Supps 100% Arginine, an endogenous amino acid, also involved in the regulation of the acid alkaline balance and in replenishing NO
  • With My Supps 100% Creatine Monohydrate, which can increase performance during brief and intense muscle training
  • With My Supps 100% BCAA + L-Glutamine, a popular amino acid supplement, taken preferably before and after intense strength and endurance training

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  • Amino acid L-Arginine
  • Powder for mixing in beverages

My Supps L-Arginine Powder is suitable for mixing into protein shakes and can also be taken with fruit juice. It is pure Arginine powder without any additives.

Arginine is one of the semi-essential amino acids and is therefore crucial in some of the body?s metabolic situations. As endogenous production is not always sufficient, it must be consumed with our daily nutrition. For instance, Arginine is found in prawns, chicken, soy beans, tuna and hazelnuts.

Arginine plays a role in the production of the substance NO (nitric oxide), which causes the blood vessels to dilate that in turn is involved in the tension of blood vessels, blood flow and circulation of blood in the organs.

Furthermore, Arginine also participates in the replenishment of creatine in the liver, from where it is transported to the muscles, heart and the brain via the bloodstream. Creatine allows the body to produce the high-energy substance adenosine triphosphate, hence maintaining the energy metabolism. Additionally, the creatine phosphate reservoirs in the muscles can hence be supplied continuously with new creatine molecules. There may be an elevated need for creatine, especially while dieting or after training.

The amino acid is not merely involved in the production of creatine and NO, it is also involved in the hormone metabolism. The discovery of Arginine?s biochemical properties prompted significant interest, particularly among bodybuilders and strength athletes. My Supps L-Arginine Powder is now among the most popular amino acid supplements in strength sport and is preferably taken before and after training. The increased protein metabolism also makes it one of the standard supplements for competition.

This is because Arginine is involved in the urea cycle in the liver, in which larger numbers of acidic metabolites such as ammoniac accumulate. They must be removed from the metabolism to ensure that the protein and energy metabolism can continue undisturbed.

Worth knowing: Who should take particular care to ensure sufficient consumption of Arginine?

Given that Arginine is one of the semi-essential amino acids, endogenous production is insufficient in some situations, and the body is reliant on intake with our nutrition. Children in growth phases, pregnant women, people with weak immune systems, chronic illnesses or patients with arteriosclerosis and competitive athletes should all take care that their Arginine intake is sufficient.

Which products can be sensibly combined with My Supps L-Arginine Powder?

  • With MySupps 100 % Whey Isolate, a whey protein without additives, which can contribute to preserving and building muscle mass
  • With MySupps 100 % Citrulline, a non-essential amino acid, the precursor to Arginine, that flows into the Arginine metabolism
  • In combination with MySupps 100 % CEE, a certain form of creatine designed to enhance performance during brief and intense strength training