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  • Water – the elixir of life
  • Calcium
  • Sodium

An athlete loses more fluid through physical exertion and must compensate for this loss by taking more fluids. An effective measure is when the drink contains electrolytes. Therefore, BODY ATTACK Natural Sports Water is an ideal drink for athletes.

The human body is composed of about two-thirds of water. With a weight of 70 kg, it is about 45 litres of water. These are distributed within the cells, the intercellular spaces and the blood. The organism distributes the water, so that all functions of the body can be met. Therefore, it is necessary that enough fluids are taken. A healthy person should drink about 1.5 to 2.5 litres per day. However, individual needs may vary and also depend on the climatic conditions and physical activity. Important is what is drunk. BODY ATTACK Natural Sports Water is enriched with e.g. essential minerals that the body needs for its various metabolic processes. Per litre of the Natural Sports Water ccontains 0.079 g calcium, 0.175 g hydrogen carbonate, 0.038 g chloride, 0.003 g magnesium and 0.016 g sodium.

In order to compensate for fluid loss due to physical exertion, stress, etc., a drink like BODY ATTACK Natural Sports Water can be a useful alternative.

Worth knowing: How does thirst arise?

The human organism is programmed such that the amount of electrolytes in the blood remains constant. Increase in the proportion of sodium is a sign that the body lacks fluid. The human feels thirsty and drinks something. If this need is not met, it can lead to dehydration. Initial warning signs include poor concentration, muscle pain and dizziness up to loss of consciousness. In these cases, the electrolyte balance should be brought into equilibrium urgently, otherwise the internal organs will be damaged. Water enriched with minerals such as the BODY ATTACK Natural Sports Water can be effective and quick help here.

Which products can it be combined with best?

  1. In combination with the BODY ATTACK Carbo Loader powder, a carbohydrate concentrate with readily available carbohydrates for training
  2. With BODY ATTACK Isotonic Sports Drink, drink in powder form for the preparation of an isotonic drink.
  3. With the BODY ATTACK Endurance Booster, an amino acid / carbohydrate supplement to increase the short and intense athletic performance.

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