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  • 3.000 mg Taurine per serving
  • Fluid balance
  • Capsules

Taurine is a natural amino sulphonic acid, which is involved in the regulation of fluid balance and the influx of calcium into the cells. This is important so that the body and the muscle cells are filled with water. Water is regarded as a solvent and carrier for nutrients, providing the cells with energy and oxygen.

Increased Taurine efflux from the muscle cells can be observed in healthy individuals who perform endurance training lasting for more than 90 minutes. Therefore, supplementation with BODY ATTACK Taurine 3000 in case of increased physical strain can be quite useful.

Taurine is also taken mainly through a diet containing fish, meat and milk. BODY ATTACK Taurine 3000 can also be a useful supplement for all those who are vegetarian, or are on a low-meat or low-calorie diet, and thus take only limited quantity of Taurine.

Worth knowing: What is Taurine?

Taurine (from the Latin word "tauros" = bull) is, strictly speaking, not an amino acid, but a derivative of the two sulphur-containing amino acids, methionine and cysteine in the protein metabolism. After glutamine, Taurine is the second most abundant amino acid in muscle cells. 12-18 g Taurine occur in the body of a healthy adult and the highest concentration is in the eyes, muscles, nervous system and the blood. The body can synthesise endogenously about 50-125 mg Taurine on a single day.

Which products can the BODY ATTACK Taurine 3000 be combined with best?

  • With the BODY ATTACK Nitro Pump 2.0 to improve the amino acid profile of the workout booster.
  • With the BODY ATTACK Energy Kick soft drink before the strength or endurance training for better Taurine balance.
  • With the BODY ATTACK Power Weight Gainer, which can be helpful for high-calorie energy balance and the build-up of muscle mass.

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