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  • L-Arginine + Ornithine
  • Boosts production of NO
  • Ideal for strength athletes or bodybuilders

My Supps 100% Arginine + Ornithine Powder is a dietary supplement that is ideally suited to strength athletes, bodybuilders and other athletes.

Mixed with a carbohydrate drink or a whey protein before and after intense training units, it can contribute to the growth of muscle mass.

My Supps Arginine + Ornithine 6000 is 70 % pure L-Arginine, enriched with 30 % L-Ornithine. The functions of both amino acids are complementary.

How does Arginine act in the body and what function does it have?

The body needs Arginine to produce nitric oxide (NO), which is involved in vascular dilation. An increase in NO levels in the bloodstream helps maintain the metabolic processes that supply energy with the flow of blood.

The ability of the blood to flow improvesand the transport of oxygen and nutrients to organs and muscles is enhanced.

How does Ornithine act in the body and what function does it have?

Unlike most amino acids, Ornithine is not integrated in the proteins in our body. Ornithine plays a crucial role in the metabolic organ, the liver, where it regulates Arginine synthesis. Arginine is involved in the breakdown of the ammoniac produced.

Further, it is an integral element of the urea cycle and hence helps detoxify our bodies. Together with Arginine, Ornithine is also involved in the secretion of certain hormones. The two amino acids play a decisive part in normal hGH metabolism and are hence involved in the build-up metabolic processes in the body.

Worth knowing: Why is it sensible to combine Arginine and Ornithine?

Arginine and Ornithine are two amino acids whose functions in the body are closely related. As a precursor to Arginine, Ornithine can help support its function while also looking after important tasks within the body.

Arginine and Ornithine are used together frequently due to their involvement in the secretion of growth hormone.

Which products can I sensibly combine with My Supps Arginine and Ornithine?
  1. With BODY ATTACK Extreme Whey Deluxe to preserve and build muscle tissue.
  2. With My Supps Amino EAA, which ensures a sufficient supply of all essential amino acids.
  3. With My Supps Carbo Complex for an enhanced supply of energy during training.


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