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  • 100 % pure maize starch
  • Additive-free
  • Neutral tasting powder

The high-quality dietary supplement product MySupps 100 % Maltodextrin is particularly suited to endurance athletes wishing to keep their performance on a high level.

MySupps 100 % Maltodextrin is produced from the wholefood carbohydrate supplier maize and is a oligosaccharide with lower sweetening power than dextrose. It tastes relatively neutral and barely affects the taste when mixed with juice spritzers, tea and protein shakes. Given that its dwell in the intestines is short, most athletes find it more tolerable than other types of sugar such as fructose and dextrose.
It can be drunk before, during or after sport without experiencing a sense of bloating, hitting the wall or fatigue – compared with other energy-rich foods.

MySupps 100 % Maltodextrin can help as a supplement in a high-carbohydrate athletes? nutrition – especially on days with very high endurance exertion.

MySupps 100 % Maltodextrin can also help athletes taking lower levels of carbohydrate to replenish their energy reservoirs (glycogen reserves) in the muscles and liver at an early point before the start of sport.
Worth knowing: What happens when the glycogen reserves are exhausted?

If the glycogen reserves are not replenished sufficiently both before and after sport, the blood sugar level will plummet over the course of exertion. The consequences of glycogen deficiency are associated with a loss of strength, endurance and concentration. MySupps 100 % Maltodextrin can do more than just support a daily high-carbohydrate nutrition before and after the game, it can also be useful if the glycogen reserves are prematurely exhausted during intense exertion.
Worth knowing: Why is Maltodextrin particularly suited to endurance and competitive games athletes?

MySupps 100 % Maltodextrin has a higher glycaemic index than dextrose and is therefore available to the muscles? energy metabolism right on time. Due to the tempo and the numerous sprints, endurance and games athletes use carbohydrates on a constantly high level; it must be covered in daily nutrition in the form of carbohydrate-rich foods such as muesli, noodles, rice, mashed potato, dry fruits and fruit juice. When training twice, in the morning and the afternoon, the time available to take daily nutrition and carbohydrates can get very tight. Given these constraints on schedules, many people revert to chocolate, pretzel sticks, crisps, soft drinks, ice cream and chips, etc.; although they are rich in carbohydrates and energy, they are not really examples of a balanced and recommended athletes? diet.
Worth knowing: Why is Maltodextrin a good nutrient for high strength exertion?

Although bodybuilders and strength athletes have a higher rate of protein turnover due to the greater strength exertion and the muscle strain, the can can use MySupps 100 % Maltodextrin to quickly replenish the exhausted glycogen reservoirs after strength exertion. After all, the higher the strength exertion, the larger the drain on carbohydrate reservoirs stored in the musculature. If the glycogen reserves are replenished well and in good time, the muscles will be able to provide their full performance in the next strength training session. MySupps 100 % Maltodextrin is easily soluble and can be mixed well into a protein shake. The carbohydrate protein mixture also leads to an increase in blood sugar, hence releasing the hormone insulin. Insulin is described as an anabolic hormone as it plays a part in nutrient transport to the body?s cells and can hence supply the muscle cells with protein.

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