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  • 4200 mg BCAA
  • 23g protein
  • Vegan

The 100% Rice Protein from My Supps contains vegetable protein which has been extracted from brown rice, and is accordingly a pure vegan protein powder.Normally vegetable proteins may be broken down in an inferior manner by the body, which can be attributed to the plant fibres and the protein inhibitors. However, the 100% Rice Protein from My Supps has a high biological value due to the use of the most up-to-date technologies available for extracting protein which can compete with that obtained from animal protein sources.

Product Highlights:
  • approx. 4000 mg of BCAAs
  • approx. 24g of protein
  • 100% vegan
  • Sugar free
  • Free of lactose
  • Gluten-free ingredients
  • Low-carb and low-fat
  • Ingredients not produced by genetic engineering
  • High biological value

One shake (30 g of powder) provides, depending upon flavour, up to 24 g of Protein and and up to 4400 mg of BCAAs, die fur die Ziele, which are extremely suitable amounts for achieving objectives such as muscle building, muscle definition, losing fat and weight management.

For whom is the 100% Rice Protein suitable?

The rice protein is ideal for persons who wish to meet their daily protein requirements and increase their intake. As a pure vegetable product is involved here, it is ideal for vegans and vegetarians. The rice protein, which is considered hypoallergenic, is also an excellent alternative for allergy sufferers who, for example, cannot tolerate milk or soya products. Moreover, it is free from lactose. Only gluten-free ingredients are used.

With which products can the 100% Rice Protein from MySupps be suitably combined?
  1. With the My Supps Maltodextrin, in order to replenish the carbohydrate store before or after a workout.
  2. BODY ATTACK CREAZ, in order to build up more speed strength during the training phase and to produce a higher performance level.
  3. My Supps 100 % EAA Powder for the optimisation of the amino acid Profile.
  4. My Supps 100 % BCAA plus L-Glutamine in order to meet the amino acid requirement.

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